Assignment 9

Seduction – the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage in some sort of behavior. I agree that seductive design is necessary in order to pull people in. I think the definition provided is a great example of how as designers we need to think when creating a website. It needs to be nice on the eyes and enticing.

The things we build should be seductive because it means that it has an effect when looking at it. If something is non effective people will not react to it or connect to in in the way that something pulls them in is. We need to create as designers an area that draws people attention larger than the competitors.

For example, Wix is very easy to use when creating websites and streamlines the whole process. Before this class I always used Wix to make my websites rather than go through all of the coding. The idea of making a website quickly is extremely seductive. Another example for the same reason would be, they are easier to use than the competitors. They are a website to find video game matches and the user has such an easy time navigating the site and finding games quickly.